Trees project

Planted in fall 2011 in Anse-a-Pitre, this healthy Maya Nut Tree stands over 1m tall and already shows a second branch. Picture D.Rodary/Biomimicry Europa

Planting “life saving” tree to feed people and invert the cycles of poverty and ecosystem degradation, while saving the planet !

Biomimicry Europa runs a reforestation program taking place in Haïti, India and soon Colombia : “Life-Saving Trees”. In a biomimic approach, the tree are seen as the pillars for re-establishing a living, thriving and nourishing ecosystem around them, from which the tree care-takers can benefit, together with their neighbours, birds and insects, plants and fungis…

With 3.8 billion years of evolution, the living world has found solution to problems that we only start to understand…. There are for example trees which are able to fertilze the ground, allowing for better crops under their shade, while restoring biodiversity and feeding the populations planting them, AND storing carbon in the soil for up to 100 000 years!

In the “Life-saving Trees” program, Biomimicry Europa coordinates a consortium of partners working in various tropical countries (Haiti, India, Colombia…), to plant these trees .

This project initiated in early 2010 is a direct application of the researches on “Oxalogenous Trees” conducted by Pr. Eric Verrecchia (University of Lausanne), member of the European program  Co2SolStock developped and administred by the Biomimicry consultancy office Greenloop.

In a biomimetic fashion, the program is also inspired by forest ecosystems, thriving to install “closed-loops” models of agriculture which allow the systems to be permanently self-enriching, without sustained inputs from outside. This aims to invert the cycles of soil degradation, biodiversity loss, water tables exhaustion, and the resulting endebtment, deepening poverty and malnutrition they bring about.

To know more about this program, see an article by university of Lausanne here and contact us at daniel.rodary(at)


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